CAS seeking sanctions against CTA

The California Associate Staff (CAS) union will be looking to NSO’s Executive Committee for sanctions against the California Teachers Association (CTA) for the recent dismissal of the current CAS President. In its sanction request, CAS will be asking that no NSO member applies for the now vacant position.

Former CAS President and NSO Executive Committee member, Dawn Barsuto, said, “This is a difficult situation for all of CAS, but we are ready to fight. We will not let this stand.”

The dismissal seems to be following a pattern by CTA management of attacking CAS members and leaders. Last month, management wanted to terminate a CAS member over a similar frivolous issue. NSO defended the member in an arbitration and CAS is awaiting a decision.

“NSO will not stand for this despicable treatment of our members and leaders by management. We will provide whatever support CAS needs to fight these injustices. We need to take a stand for all NSO members across the country,” said NSO President Chuck Agerstrand.

Since the termination of the CAS President, NSO has filed an unfair labor practice charge against CTA, citing retaliation for previous grievances filed by the President. Those grievances had been held in abeyance until the termination decision, but now CAS is proceeding with them to arbitration.

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