Denver staff calls for sanctions against the Denver UniServ unit

The Denver UniServ Staff Organization (DUSO) is calling for sanctions against the Denver UniServ Unit (DUU) for anti-union behavior in posting an external vacancy  for a new, full-time field manager position without their knowledge. According to NSO’s sanction policy, DUSO is asking that no NSO union member apply for the vacancy.

DUSO is the in-house union for DUU which includes the Denver Classroom Teachers Association of over 3,000 members—one of the largest locals of the Colorado Education Association (CEA). DUSO represents the five staff who have been working without a contract for over a year. During negotiations, management argued that it couldn’t find the funds for a cost of living increase or maintain current pension contributions for the staff because of a lack of funds.

However, In June, DUU management posted the vacancy that would create a third management position to manage five union members.

Vicky McRoberts, DUSO President, said, “We do not consider DUU a role model for union values. We believe DUU is unworthy as a union employer,”

DUSO was not consulted about the need for another management position and only learned about the posting from a third party. The vacancy was posted while the office was closed for a mandated, two-week vacation.

“We support this call for sanctions. It’s a blatant disregard for the hard work of our Denver NSO members. The sanctions will remain in effect until management does the right thing by its staff,” said NSO President Brad Darjean.



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