Dr. Elaine Bernard will address 2017 NSO RA delegates

Dr. Elaine Bernard is no stranger to the National Staff Organization or the Representative Assembly.

She has spoken at the RA before; she has guided NSO members through the Labor and Worklife Program (LWP) at Harvard Law School since it was known as the Harvard Trade Union Program (HTUP); and she has long inspired NSO members in her position as Executive Director of the program with her understanding and respect for unions and their place in the history of the labor movement.

And we have her returning to the RA as she retires from a 28-year career as director of one of the most unique and prestigious education programs in the country designed especially for labor leaders.

NSO President Brad Darjean said, “It’s quite an honor to have Dr. Bernard with us. Her insights into the role of unions define who we are as advocates. I know she will provide us with information critical to our survival in this new political administration. And she’ll do it with wit and passion.”

Bernard is known in labor circles as an instructor, researcher, international labor historian, and author. She holds a BA from the University of Alberta; an MA from the University of British Columbia; and a Ph.D. from Simon Fraser University. Bernard served as the Executive Director of the LWP from 1989 to 2017.

Darjean said, “As an HTUP graduate, I am grateful to Dr. Bernard for her involvement in the program. I know she will be an inspiration to the RA delegates who are facing challenges to their affiliates back home.”

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