Emerging Issues – 2015 Representative Assembly



  • Bargaining in a concessionary climate
  • Health care concessions
  • Member apathy


  • Member apathy – theme
  • Communicate to local members more
  • Educate members on the value of union
  • Engage members

Associate Staff Positions/Work

  • Declining /disappearing associate staff positions
  • In eight states – 100 positions lost
  • NSO can have a panel discussion/task force on how to help associate staff
  • Summit


  • Lack of experience in a union environment and its impact on advocacy
  • Perception that current staff doesn’t know organizing
  • Acceptance of status quo; internal organizing needed


  • Lack of experience in a union environment and its impact on advocacy
  • Management behavior
  • Governance presence at bargaining
  • What happens to us, happens to you
  • Attitude – “good enough”
  • Mimic corporate management style
  • Lack of cultural sensitivity
  • Contempt toward staff
  • Refusal to handle problems/issues
  • “Fools driving the bus.”
  • Salary divide between staff and management – corporate culture
  • Influence of John Stocks
  • Refusal to engage in problem solving
  • Increase in staff terminations
  • Some do understand the value of a union culture.

NEA Funding

  • NEA funding for organizing
  • Fake UDs

Messaging around staff and value

  • Push on value
  • Without us, the organization doesn’t really exist.



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