Emil Oxfeld

Emil Oxfeld was a New Jersey attorney and a labor relations consultant.  He worked for NSO pro bono for many years as he loved unions and to advocate for union members. When he would give his reports to the RA delegates, he would break out into a chorus of  “Solidarity Forever” and other union related songs. Those who knew him best speak of his great legal mind and his ability to remember cases and transcripts off the top of his head like no other person.

This award was established in 2000.    The criterion for the award is the following: advocate, knowledge, tenacity, courage, wisdom, integrity, compassion, mentor, dignity, and honor.

Eligibility is any current or past NSO member that has worked to advocate defend, or protect the rights of NSO members. 

Any NSO member who wishes to nominate a deserving person of the Emil Oxford Advocacy Award should write a narrative (no longer than two pages) describing how the nominee encompasses the spirit of Emel Oxford (advocate, knowledge, tenacity, courage, wisdom, integrity, compassion, mentor, dignity, and honor) and send that to the NSO President (president@nationalstaff.org) before March 1st.  The NSO Executive Committee will review all nominations.

Past Award Recipients:

2000:  Emil Oxfeld NSO Labor Relations Consultant

2001:  John Warms – New Jersey USA and NSO President

2002:  Ginnie Ross- NSO Region 6 Director

2004:   Chuck Lieberknight- Ohio PSU and NSO Founder (awarded posthumously)

2005:  Jack Schamel- NSO advocate

2006:  John Reilly- Massachusetts FSO and NSO Region 1 Director

2007:   Dennis Krueger- Iowa SU and NSO Region 6 Director

2008:   Bonnie LePage- Massachusetts TASO (Retired)

2009:  Diane Thompson- Nebraska SA (Retired) and NSO At Large Director

2010:  Bernadette Lange- New Jersey USA and NSO Region Director

2012:  Gerry Lange- New Jersey USA (retired) and NSO Retired

2013:  Jeanne Beyer- Colorado EASO

2015:   Marius Ambrose- Maryland SO & NSO Vice President for Defense

2016:  Jesse Morre- Louisiana SO and NSO Organizing Committee

2018:  Butch Santicola PSEASO and NSO Region Director (awarded posthumously)