Eric Urban Appointed Treasurer to Fill Vacancy of Ron Goldenstein

Eric Urban

Ron Goldenstein has served as NSO Treasurer for 11.5 years and has officially retired Nebraska Education Association after serving 42 years as a UniServ Director. NSO President, Brad Darjean appointed Eric Urban, Treasurer of Ohio PSU at the NSO Executive Committee meeting in January. Eric has served as Treasurer of Ohio PSU for 6 years. Ron reflected on his years of service to NSO and thinks his favorite and most challenging time as Treasurer was getting NSO finances back in order. “At the start we didn’t have enough money to pay our bills and that was quite a challenge, but we righted the ship and got the finances back in order. The comradery of the executive committee is what Ron will miss the most. “Eric is the guy that I had identified as a couple of years ago, I started involving him in the training in Treasurer’s workshop and we were all impressed on how good he was and the understanding he had of what it took to be a treasurer.” “Ron’s service to NSO and his diligence to making sure we are complaint, holding us accountable with members dues and the transparency he brought with hosting the budget hearings before RA is to be commended. I am excited about the transition that Eric and Ron have worked so hard on to make sure it is efficient, and nothing falls through the crack.” NSO President, Brad Darjean. “I look forward to continuing the good work of my friend, Ron Goldenstein. I have enjoyed working with Treasurer’s across the country during the NSO WAR Treasurer’s Workshop and I am excited to give back to NSO by serving as Treasurer” stated Urban about accepting the appointment. Eric is serving the balance of the term which expires this June.