RE: NSO Executive Committee (Region 5) Vacancy

There is a vacancy on the NSO Executive Committee, specifically in Region 5. The states that are in Region 5 are listed below:
– Kentucky
– Illinois
– Indiana
– Michigan
– Ohio
– Wisconsin

You must be a member of an affiliate in one of the listed states to be considered for appointment to the vacant seat. The person selected would serve from the date of appointment to the end of the 2023 NSO RA.

What does a Regional Director do?
– Assists affiliates in respective region with all NSO services;
– Co-chairs Coordinated Bargaining Committee respective to region (meets annually);
– may chair/co-chair or act as liaison to standing and/or special committees such as Research, Special Services, Pension & Benefits, etc.;
– Works with appropriate Vice President to assist affiliates in training, bargaining assistance, crisis investigations, grievance/arbitration assistance, internal dispute resolutions, etc.;
– Provide quarterly regional report to Executive Committee;Attends a minimum of four Executive Committee meetings, one Representative Assembly, Winter Advocacy Retreat and annual CBC meeting;
– Upon request, provides on-site advocacy and training assistance to affiliates. 

The weekly time commitment would be (at a minimum) approximately 4-6 hours per week and approximately 18-22 days per year (not including on-site assistance).

Deadline for submissions is November 22, 2022.

If you are interesting in service in this role, send your emails of interest directly to me.

In Solidarity,
Brad Darjean, NSO President