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United to Lead, to Promote, to Secure, and to Defend


Grievance and Arbitration Assistance

Introduction #

The NSO Vice President for Defense is your contact for grievance and arbitration assistance— from advice to on-site assistance. Advice is as close as your phone when faced with a problem affecting the rights of your affiliate or a member.

On-Site Arbitration Assistance #

Requests for an NSO advocate to represent your affiliate in an arbitration should be made to the Vice President for Defense as soon as possible. This allows NSO to find the advocate with expertise in the given situation and allows for coordination of calendars.

Arbitrator Evaluation Service #

NSO maintains a database on arbitrators used in staff arbitrations across the country. Each affiliate completes an Arbitrator Evaluation Form that describes the arbitrator’s performance in the hearing, in the award, and any other pertinent information.

Attorney / Legal Assistance #

NSO’s cadre of volunteer professional advocates generally reduces the necessity for hiring an attorney—and many of NSO’s members are attorneys. NSO may, at its option, retain an attorney to assist in certain labor relations disputes. NSO’s policy generally is to reimburse up to 50% for PRIOR APPROVED attorney assistance. In some precedent-setting situations, NSO has authorized an affiliate to retain an attorney and will reimburse an affiliate up to 100% of the legal fees. Be sure your affiliate has PRIOR, WRITTEN APPROVAL from the VICE PRESIDENT FOR DEFENSE before retaining an attorney if you desire NSO reimbursement.

An affiliate will be reimbursed for one-half of its costs up to $5,000 for the arbitrator’s fee and expenses as well as appropriate filing fees upon NSO’s receipt of all legal judgments, settlements, or other legal dispositions and arbitrator’s award. Expenses beyond $5,000 require prior approval by the NSO Executive Committee and only the amount requested will be reimbursed. Copies of all legal judgments, settlements, or other legal dispositions including the arbitrator’s decision must be submitted within six months of the final billing to receive the reimbursement. (Note: Reimbursement for attorney fees is not made without prior approval of the NSO Executive Committee.)

Financial Arbitration Assistance #

Each affiliate requesting financial assistance must complete the NSO Arbitration Subsidy Request Form. NSO will pay 50% of the cost of arbitration ONLY WITH PRIOR APPROVAL BY THE VICE PRESIDENT FOR DEFENSE. Arbitration costs shall consist of the fees and expenses of the arbitrator and filing fees involved. No other expenses, including attorney fees and witness fees, shall bereimbursable, unless previously authorized by the NSO Vice President for Defense. Court reporters/stenographers will not be approved for reimbursement unless previously approved by the VP for Defense.

Filing fee bills should be sent to the NSO VP for Defense upon receipt. Filing fees will be paid by NSO directly to the affiliate and is subject to the 50% reimbursement rules.

To ensure full funding by NSO, the NSO Arbitration Subsidy Request Form must be submitted to the VP for Defense within six (6) months of the arbitrator’s award or grievance settlement (including cancellations).

Before reimbursements are made, affiliates must submit copies of the following documents to the Vice President for Defense:

  • AAA Demand for Arbitration Form (if applicable)
  • Arbitrator’s Award
  • Arbitrator’s Bill
  • Any Other Applicable Bills
  • NSO Arbitrator Evaluation Form

NSO Arbitration Forms #

*** Arbitrator Subsidy Request Form ***
*** Arbitrator Evaluation Form ***

Who To Contact #

Vice-President of Defense
Washington EA – Staff Organization

Updated on February 5, 2024