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Research Assistance

Introduction #

Each Coordinated Bargaining Council has selected two members to serve on NSO’s Research Committee. This Committee surveys affiliates to compile reports on topics deemed of interest in the collective bargaining process and assists affiliates in posting their ratified contracts on the NSO Research Website. Affiliates are expected to submit an electronic version of their ratified contract as soon as it is available and complete the survey forms by stated deadlines.

Research information is made available to affiliates through the distribution of a flash drive at the annual Winter Advocacy Retreat or via US mail. The flash drive contains all reports prepared by the Committee, both in PDF and Excel spreadsheet formats. In addition, it contains the survey forms used in the collection of data from affiliates.

Research information is also available at the website. Access to the website is available to Presidents and Bargaining Chairs.

NSO Research Committee report topics may include the following:

  • Directory of Contacts
  • Dues Survey
  • Insurance Benefits
  • Job Titles/Salary Schedule Information
  • Leaves
  • Local Option
  • Merger Language
  • Settlement Report
  • Transportation
  • Work Hours
  • Each Coordinated Bargaining Councils’ Goals and Settlement Standards
  • NSO Coordinated Bargaining Councils’ Guidelines
  • NSO Coordinated Bargaining Councils’ National Mutual Aid and Defense Pact

Who To Contact #

Research Committee #

At-Large Director - Professional
Connecticut Professional Staff Organization

Updated on February 5, 2024
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