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United to Lead, to Promote, to Secure, and to Defend

United to Lead, to Promote, to Secure, and to Defend


Training and Facilitation Assistance

Introduction #

The National Staff Organization has broadened its training opportunities to cover all areas of union advocacy. NSO assistance is available on the national, regional and individual affiliate level.

Winter Advocacy Retreat #

The premiere national training program is the NSO Winter Advocacy Retreat (or WAR College, as NEA refers to it, and formerly the “Bargaining Conference”). The Retreat program is designed for experienced and new advocates and is specially designed to meet the needs of professional, associate and wall-to-wall units, as well as full-time and part-time members.

Just to name a few topics from over the years are in the grid below. NSO also provides specialized workshops for Treasurers and New Presidents to help acquaint them with their responsibilities and to help make the job easier.

Advanced Grievance Processing Arbitration Preparation—It’s Not Rocket Science Are you Going to Tweet That?Introduction to Grievance Processing Kinesics: What Does Your Body Language Say About You?
Assertiveness and Bargaining…A Powerful Combination Bargaining Salary GuidesLeading Successful Meetings Let’s Get it Started! Tools for Successful Organizing
Bargaining Health InsuranceLife is Easier with NSO Research
Bargaining Legal IssuesMediation of Grievances
Bargaining Issues: How to Manage Them at the Table Bargaining ResearchModified Positional Bargaining—A Whole New World Organizing for Power Modules I & II
Basic Unionism Basic Labor Law Under the NLRA Burning Out? Control the Flames and Come Out IntactOrganizing to Bargaining/Crisis Organizing in State Affiliates Practical Tips for Presidents
Communicate and Advocate with POWER! Communicating to Win: Getting the Word Out in Good Times & CrisisPrinciples of Contract Interpretation Quality Newsletters and E-Newsletters R U Ready for Social Media
Communications for Bargaining and Beyond Connecting the Dots…The Value of Union Membership Crisis Organizing Defined Contribution Retirement PlansReality 501: Bargaining Pensions Retirement/Pension Plan Workshop Sometimes You’re the Bug…Sometimes You’re the Windshield
Duty of Fair RepresentationSubcontracting from Within
Dysfunction in the WorkplaceTeam Building
Eat Your Wheaties…Get Ready to Bargain Retirement BenefitsThe Do’s and Don’ts of Contract Writing Training and Presentation Skills
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Elections, but Really Didn’t Care to Ask Exploring the Legacy: Learning from the Past to Build a Better Future Group Decision Making DynamicsTreasurers’ Workshop Tricks and Traps of Facilitating a Meeting Understanding Workplace Bullying What Matters Most: Retirement, Investments and Education
How the Internet Puts More Power Into the Hands of the Union Advocate Intermediate Grievance ProcessingYou Did What? Tips for Representing Members Your Well Oiled Machine is Rusting—the Tools to Salvage and Overhaul

Regional Training Opportunities #

While NSO focuses most of its attention on the national Winter Advocacy Retreat, specialized training programs for certain areas of the country are also provided. This training may be provided through the umbrella of the Coordinated Bargaining Council (CBC) or for one or two states. These programs may focus specifically on bargaining, or grievance processing, or any other problem specific to the region.

Local Affiliate Training #

NSO may provide specialized training within an affiliate on a specific topic(s) to meet the individualized needs of an affiliate. These programs may range from “Understanding Unionism” to “How to Become an Advocate” to “The Nuts and Bolts of Grievance Processing.”

Internal Dispute Assistance #

Facilitators trained in conflict resolution techniques are available to assist members and local affiliates when faced with internal disputes including: member-member; union-union; professional-associate, etc. (See NSO Dispute Resolution Policy.)

Team Development #

Affiliates wanting to move forward collectively can take advantage of trainers/facilitators who will help with factions to find common goals.

How To Request Regional or Local Affiliate Training / Facilitation #

A local affiliate president through your Regional Director should initiate requests for training/facilitation. The Regional Director will contact the Vice President for Program for approval of your training/facilitation request. Your Regional Director and the VP for Program will work with your affiliate to determine the program content, format, and appropriate trainers/facilitators. Financial assistance (both for trainers and direct assistance) must be prior approved by the Vice President for Program and the NSO Executive Committee.

Who To Contact #

Vice-President of Program
Ohio Professional Staff Union

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