National Staff Organization

United to Lead, to Promote, to Secure, and to Defend

United to Lead, to Promote, to Secure, and to Defend


Budget Information

Current Budget Documents #

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Explanation of Budget Categories #

Governance #

REPRESENTATIVE ASSEMBLY—Expenses include all hotel expenses, food, expenses for speakers, the parliamentarian, and all individuals giving committee and other reports. Executive Committee expenses relating to this meeting are also included in this line item as well as necessary meetings involved in organizing the R.A.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETINGS—Includes necessary expenditures (meeting room rental, transportation, lodging, food).

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE STIPENDS—Stipends paid to Executive Committee members: $6,000 to the President; $4,000 to the Vice President for Defense, Vice President for Program, Secretary, Treasurer and $2,000 to each Director.

ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES—Incurred in carrying out administrative functions of the NSO, e.g. making arrangements with hotels, meeting with NEA over problems, equipment needs, etc.

INSURANCE/LIABILITY—Insurance for NSO members who cover crisis situations for the organization; liability insurance for the Executive Committee.

Organizational Expenses #

POSTAGE—Postage expenses for NSO mailings (except CONTACT newsletter).

PRINTING—General printing of materials and stationery for NSO, including RA printing.

TECHNOLOGY SERVICES—Technology agreements regarding preservation of NSO arbitrations, research database, membership database, communications and retirement information.

BOOKKEEPING EXPENSES—Expenses related to necessary bookkeeping for dues statement and collections of regular and crisis fund dues.

ACCOUNTING FEES—Yearly audit costs as required by the bond covering NSO. Preparation by the NSO auditor of necessary Department of Labor and IRS reports.

LEGAL EXPENSES—Legal expenses incurred by NSO as an organization.

CONTACT EDITOR & WEBMASTER EXPENSES—All expenses related to the production of the NSO CONTACT newsletter, and administrative costs of the NSO website including a $1,750 stipend for the NSO Communications Director and & $1,500 for the Webmaster.

UNENCUMBERED FUNDS—For unforeseen expenditures.

Advocacy Expenses #

ARBITRATION EXPENSES—Arbitration reimbursement expenses of 1/2 for local affiliates as provided under NSO policy. All advocate expenses working with affiliates are also included in this line item.

ONSITE FIELD ASSISTANCE—Assistance by NSO advocates and/or trainers to an NSO affiliate or member and onsite workshops and trainings.

LEGAL EXPENSES FOR AFFILIATES—Legal expenses for NSO affiliates after prior approval as provided under NSO policy.

Projects and Workshops #

COMMITTEES—Costs related to various committees of NSO including pension, research, special services, and organizing which includes production of materials for the “Organizing for Power” program and organizing potential new affiliates.

NATIONAL CONFERENCE (WAR COLLEGE)—All expenses for the NSO Winter Advocacy Retreat. These expenses include all hotel expenses including food, lodging, and AV equipment. All trainer transportation expenses are also included, as well as Executive Committee expenses necessary for meetings conducted in conjunction with this event.

COORDINATED BARGAINING COUNCILS—All expenses for the National CBC and four Coordinated Bargaining Councils. Lodging expenses of the Negotiator and President of each participating affiliate, meeting room rentals, trainers, CBC Co-chairs and necessary Executive Committee expenses.

Communications and Affiliate Service #

SPECIAL PROJECTS—Funding of programs for a particular need, including special meetings with affiliates and management on relevant issues.

NSO RETIRED MEMBER ORGANIZING—Retired membership program funding.

BONDING-NSO AFFILIATES—Necessary bonding for NSO and affiliate officers.

Contributions, Gifts, and Grants #

HARVARD TUITION GRANTS—To fund the tuition of NSO members to NSO seats at the Harvard Trade Union Program; including funding for the Chip Tassone Scholarship seat.

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