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NSO Expense Guidelines and Voucher

Expense Voucher #

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Expense Guidelines for Advocates, Committee Members, Consultants, and On- Site Trainers #

It is the policy of the National Staff Organization to reimburse its officers, committee members, members, trainers, and consultants for actual and reasonable expenses while engaged in authorized NSO business. Below are common explanations, based upon current NSO policy, for reimbursement of said expenses. Should you have questions or concerns, please contact the NSO Treasurer.

Air Travel #

If air travel is necessary, roundtrip, coach airfare will be reimbursed. Unless extenuating circumstances exist, travelers should procure a 21 day or greater, advance purchase, coach airline ticket. Travelers will be reimbursed for advanced seat selection in the economy section of the aircraft or similar programs like Southwest EarlyBird check-in. NSO will not reimburse the cost of business class, “plus” seating, first class, emergency row seating, or similar upgrades to an economy ticket. If such a seat is purchased, the expense submission must include the cost of a coach seat, on the same flight had it been purchased on the same day or a clear breakdown of the additional cost of the coach seat upgrades plus applicable taxes/fees.

Mileage #

Mileage will be reimbursed at the current IRS rate from the individual’s home/worksite to the airport or, in lieu of airline travel, up to the cost of a coach roundtrip airline ticket that would have been purchased in compliance with the “Air Travel” section of this document. Documentation of the cost of the airline ticket must be submitted with the expense voucher. All mileage must be documented with the beginning/ending address and total miles utilizing an independent mapping service like MapQuest or Google Maps.

Rental Cars #

Rental cars are not a routine expense and will not be reimbursed unless prior approval has been secured from the NSO Officer responsible for your assignment (e.g. arbitration assistance would be approved by the VP Defense). Proof of the approval shall be provided with the expense voucher. Any required fuel purchases will be reimbursed as part of the rental car expense.

Lodging #

NSO will reimburse for lodging under the following conditions:

  • Overnight lodging shall be utilized only in the course of NSO business.
  • For out-of-state travel, NSO will reimburse lodging expenses for the actual days of the business and up to one (1) travel day prior to the conference/event and one (1) travel day following the conference/event. It is expected that those attending a conference will obtain lodging at the designated conference hotel, if available.
  • Other overnight stays may be allowed subject to approval of the NSO President or NSO Treasurer.
  • The cost of lodging should be kept to a reasonable amount given the location and travel requirements of the traveler.

Meals #

All actual meal costs shall be reimbursed for each day of travel for NSO business.

Receipts #

Itemized receipts must be submitted for each expense, including those billed on a hotel folio. For items purchased with a credit card, include the itemized receipt and a copy of the signed receipt with any additions like a tip.

Hotel Tips #

Reasonable, undocumented tips to hotel staff, including maid service and baggage handling, will be accepted as approved expenses.

Expense Voucher #

All expenses must be submitted on the approved NSO Expense Voucher, available from the NSO Treasurer or the individual responsible for your assignment. You must attach the original, itemized receipt for each expense and account for each day’s expenses on a separate line. Do not group multiple days of lodging, meals, or other daily expenses into one line. Electronic submission of legible, itemized receipts and the signed voucher is preferred. Scan all of the receipts and voucher together into one PDF document and email to the NSO Treasurer at the address shown on the voucher. Expense vouchers must be submitted no later than 30 days following the end of the assignment/event. For events occurring in August, please submit your vouchers no later than September 15.

Loyalty Programs #

NSO has access to several loyalty programs. These programs have no cost and may reduce the cost of airfare and/or hotel rooms. You are free to use these programs for all travel regardless of purpose. These programs do not affect your individual loyalty program.

American Airlines          Corporate Code 970740

Hyatt Hotels         Corporate Code 201622

The NSO Executive Committee has final jurisdiction regarding all reimbursement policies. Any member who feels arbitrary treatment by the NSO President or Treasurer may appeal to the NSO Executive Committee. The decision of the NSO Executive Committee will be final.

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