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United to Lead, to Promote, to Secure, and to Defend


Standards for NSO Affiliates Seeking Financial Assistance

NSO Affiliates seeking financial assistance from NSO for CBC meetings, Winter Advocacy Retreat attendance, and other trainings will request assistance from their Regional Directors. The affiliate must be in good standing, meeting the following standards at a minimum:

  • Current LM Reports must be on file with the NSO Treasurer
  • Membership Database must be current on the database website
  • Up-to-date Dues and Crisis Fund payments

Affiliates must be able to prove financial need by providing to the Regional Director a copy of current budget, income and expense statements, and explain the reasons for seeking financial assistance. Regional Directors will consult with the NSO Treasurer taking into consideration LM data to determine the need for assistance, and level of assistance needed.

Regional directors will provide to the NSO Comptroller the names of affiliates who have been approved for assistance and the amount of assistance approved. Generally, $400 is the maximum amount that can be approved between the NSO Treasurer and the Regional Director.

Adopted by the NSO Executive Committee June 8, 2010

Updated on February 5, 2024