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Policy for Crisis Financial Assistance

Is membership in the CBC automatic?
  • Affiliation with NSO constitutes automatic membership in a Coordinated Bargaining Council (CBC).
  • Assistance will be provided by NSO after NSO conducts an assessment of the local union to determine the type and level of resources that will be allocated.
Who gets assistance from the crisis funds?
  • The appropriate NSO local affiliate in good standing.
  • An affiliate must be in good standing for one (1) year prior to a request for assistance from the Crisis Fund.
How does an affiliate qualify for assistance?
  • Individual affiliate problems will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
What types of situations or crises qualify?
  • The funds to be used only with bargaining related problems, i.e., strikes.
  • Crisis Funds go only to local affiliates, not to individuals.
  • NSO evaluation prior to any affiliate job action is required for assistance.
  • Each Executive Committee member would be the main contact to conduct such evaluations along with another board member (or other staff) and the local affiliate.
When does assistance begin? How much?
  • The local affiliate must have a plan and a committee to handle NSO Crisis Fund assistance.
  • Crisis Funds are available after five (5) working days of strike — up to $75 per day per member in wage loss assistance will be provided retroactive to the first day of the strike. *
  • Interest-free loans may be available after 20 working days of strike.
  • Up to $75 per day per member is a subsistence grant (no repay) and must be given to individuals and not used by the local affiliate to cover the cost of strike.
  • If strike settlement results in no loss of pay, the subsistence grant must be repaid to NSO Crisis Fund.
What if the crisis fund goes broke?
  • NSO will assess another $25 per NSO member.
  • Arrange for a loan to NSO Crisis Fund.

Policy adopted by the NSO Representative Assembly in June 1982, amended in June 1989 and June 1

Updated on February 5, 2024