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United to Lead, to Promote, to Secure, and to Defend

United to Lead, to Promote, to Secure, and to Defend


Conflict of Interest for NSO Officers, Executive Committee and Consultants

The NSO is a volunteer organization with no paid employees. Nonetheless, NSO officers, Executive Committee and consultants are obligated to carry out responsibilities in a manner that advances the interests of NSO. They may take no action detrimental to those interests. Further, said fiduciary obligations and must not incur any obligation that is in conflict or has the appearance of conflict with the proper and faithful performance of NSO responsibilities and interests. This policy shall be implemented by the NSO President and any activity thought to be prohibited shall be presented to him or her. If a person perceiving a conflict of interest is unsatisfied with the NSO President’s response, he/she may take it to any Executive Committee individual or to the Representative Assembly by invoking procedures established under the NSO Constitution. If the alleged conflict is with the NSO President, it shall be brought to any other member of the Executive Committee who shall be responsible for assessing the claim and responding by utilizing the Vice Presidents and other Executive Committee members. In all events, a reply shall be forthcoming.

This policy shall be effective upon adoption by the Executive Committee. It shall supersede any prior NSO policy on this subject and may be amended from time to time by the Executive Committee with at least thirty (30) days’ advance notice before action on an amendment by the Executive Committee.

This policy only applies to the NSO as a parent organization and is not binding or applicable on any affiliate member. Any affiliate member shall be free to promulgate and maintain its own conflict of interest policy. This NSO Conflict of Interest Policy shall be disclosed to the Representative assembly for publication or action with a clear explanation for its existence and inapplicability to any NSO affiliate.

Adopted by the NSO Executive Committee, #7, October 22, 2010

Updated on February 5, 2024