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Harvard Trade Union Program

About the Program #

The Harvard Trade Union Program (HTUP), which runs January through February each year, is
designed for trade union officials and employees to learn advocacy skills. A full tuition grant is
available to one NSO Associate Staff member under the Chip Tassone Scholarship and one, half
scholarship in honor of Chuck Leberknight—OH and John Warms—NJ is available to NSO Professional
Staff members. The program is a five or six-week course on the campus of Harvard University in
Cambridge, MA.
Any NSO member, in good standing, must send a letter of interest in the HTUP and application to
the NSO liaison.

Application Process #

  • All HTUP scholarship applications must be completed and submitted directly to the NSO Liaison;
  • All applications must be received by the NSO HTUP Liaison no earlier than July 15, andno later than September 1 of any given year;
  • The HTUP applicant must have their affiliate’s endorsement to qualify for an NSO Scholarship and said endorsement must accompany the HTUP application;
  • NSO will screen all HTUP applications per the criteria established, and provide Harvard with NSO’s recommendation on who may attend and receive the NSO Scholarship;
  • Pursuant to the criteria established, it is within the total discretion of the NSO Executive Committee to determine which applicant(s) should receive the NSO Scholarship(s);
  • All applicants will be notified of their application status by October 15.
  • Should an applicant not receive a NSO scholarship, the participant may apply again, during the application period outlined above.

Selection Criteria #

  • A member in good standing
  • Endorsement from the applicant’s NSO Affiliate
  • Availability of time
  • Participation level in the NSO Affiliate
  • Years of service in the labor movement
  • Demonstrates an understanding of the role of a union member in NSO and exhibits a high level of enthusiasm and passion evidenced in the application

Contact Person #

Harvard Trade Union Program #

Region 2 Director
Pennsylvania State EA - Staff Organization

Application Form #


Updated on January 27, 2024