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United to Lead, to Promote, to Secure, and to Defend


On-The-Floor Voting Procedures at the RA

The Elections Committee has developed the following On-The-Floor voting procedures for the Representative Assembly.

Guests #

  1. Guests will be provided with a “colored” name badge that can be easily and quickly distinguished from credentialed delegates.
  2. The seating of guests will be distinctly identified and separated from the main floor of the representative assembly.
  3. ALL guests must wear their name badge to enter the representative assembly.

Delegates #

  1. Credentialed delegates will have white name badges that contains the NSO logo which will allow the delegate access to the delegates’ seating area and the right to vote on issues on the floor. These credentials will be easily distinguishable from guest name badges.
  2. Delegates will be provided with a “voting” card to be used in a ‘show of division’ votes/decisions.
  3. All delegates must wear their credentials (name badge) at all times while on the Representative Assembly floor and for access to the RA area.
  4. Delegates will not have access to the RA area without valid credentials.
  5. Delegates will not be allowed to sit in the guest section.

Physical Logistics #

The physical set up of the Representative Assembly area shall:

  1. Show a distinct separation between the RA delegate seating area and the guest section.
  2. The guest section shall be distinctly separate from the RA floor. Guest section may be on the side or behind the last row of the RA delegate seating area. A sign shall be erected to indicate the guest section and the delegate seating area.
  3. No guest shall be allowed in the RA delegate seating area without advance permission of the NSO President or Secretary.
  4. All doors will be closed and no admittance to the RA room will take place while on-the-floor ‘show of division’ voting is in progress.
  5. There will be signs clearly marking designated areas; i.e., guest section, delegate section, etc.
  6. There will be a section designated for the NSO Communications Committee which will be located in the Representative Assembly area but separate from the guest section and delegate seating area.

Tellers Committee #

There shall be the establishment/appointment of a Tellers Committee for each Representative Assembly that works in conjunction with the Credentials Committee and Elections Committee. The Tellers Committee may consist of no less than four persons, but no more than eight people. Members of the Tellers Committee shall be duly elected delegates to the NSO Representative Assembly. The duties and/or responsibilities of the Tellers Committee are as follows:

  • Two tellers shall be assigned to each aisle to assist credentialed delegates and guests to their seats.
  • Shall count votes on issues before the Representative Assembly during a show of division votes.
  • Regulate the door to the Representative Assembly room to determine valid credentials for delegate seating or guest section.
  • Guide people to appropriate areas.
  • Serve as a runner for the Elections Committee and NSO Secretary.
  • Check credentials
  • Assist in the distribution of materials, except for Campaign and Elections materials.
  • Ensure that guests are seated in the proper location.
  • Other duties as assigned by the NSO Secretary and/or Elections Chair.

Miscellaneous #

  1. Announcements shall be made, by the Chair, throughout the Representative Assembly regarding the policy of on-the-floor voting.
  2. When on-the-floor voting is taking place, access to the RA room and floor will be denied.
Updated on February 5, 2024