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United to Lead, to Promote, to Secure, and to Defend

United to Lead, to Promote, to Secure, and to Defend


Representative Assembly

RA Introduction #

The Representative Assembly is the legislative body of the NSO. The RA meets annually and usually during the first half of the month of June. The RA generally alternates its location from the east to the west of the United States.

Delegates to the RA are elected by the local affiliate in compliance with the NSO Constitution:

  • Each affiliate organization with 10 or less members shall be entitled to have one (1) organizational delegate;
  • Affiliates with more than ten (10) members shall be entitled to have two (2) organizational delegates;

In addition,

  • Each affiliate shall be entitled to have one (1) delegate for every twenty-five (25) members over twenty-five (25), i.e., 26-50, 1 delegate; 51-75, 2 delegates; 76-100, 3 delegates, etc.
  • Wall-to-Wall/Multiple Bargaining Unit adjustment: Each affiliate is entitled to additional delegates to equal the number of delegates if each group of employees were independent bargaining units. Groups of employees are defined as professional staff or associate staff of a group eligible for NSO membership under the Constitution.

The NSO Secretary notifies each affiliate of the number of delegates it is entitled to, based upon the membership numbers reported and dues paid each year. Each affiliate in turn notifies the Secretary of the names of their delegates and alternates by registering them online. Delegates are seated with voting privileges only if their dues payments and their Crisis Fund payments have been made in full to date.

The Representative Assembly elects officers of the NSO, amends the Constitution and Bylaws, adopts policies, and generally determines the direction of the Organization. The Executive Committee functions at the direction of the RA in accordance with the Constitution. (See the NSO Constitution for details.)

Every local staff association shall maintain a list of members on the NSO membership system and update the list annually.

Excerpt from the NSO Constitution #


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