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United to Lead, to Promote, to Secure, and to Defend

United to Lead, to Promote, to Secure, and to Defend

Harvard Trade Union Program

Although the Harvard Trade Union Program (HTUP) began in 1942, it was not until 1985 when NSO President John Warms secured three seats to attend the HTUP, that NSO members began attending HTUP.  In 1989, NSO members Thomas L. Adams, Jr. of New Hampshire ESA and Paul Nelson attended the HTUP at their own cost.  They had a wonderful experience and wrote the NSO Executive Committee a letter urging them to provide scholarships to future NSO members to attend the program.

At the 1992 NSO-Representative Assembly, President John Warms announced the passing of Chip Tassone, an AFSE member who was remembered for his service to NSO as an advocate and organizer.  In his honor, the first HTUP scholarship was named in his memory.  Between 1993 and 1995, the NSO Executive Committee developed the criteria for the Chip Tassone scholarship with Regional Director John Reily (Massachusetts) describing the criteria at the 1995 NSO-RA as, “reserved for associate staff or women or minorities or organizers who do not get the opportunity for participation through employer training funds.”

Two half-time scholarships for professional staff were also created in memory of Chuck Leberknight, an Executive Committee member from Ohio PSU, and John Warms of New Jersey, long-time President of NSO.

The Harvard Trade Union Program (HTUP), which runs January through February each year, is designed for trade union officials and employees to learn advocacy skills. A full tuition grant is available to one NSO Associate Staff member under the Chip Tassone Scholarship and one, half scholarship in honor of Chuck Leberknight—OH and John Warms—NJ is available to NSO Professional Staff members. The program is a five or six-week course on the campus of Harvard University in Cambridge, MA.

Any NSO member, in good standing, must send a letter of interest in the HTUP and application to the NSO liaison. The following represents the process for consideration:

  • All HTUP scholarship applications must be completed and submitted directly to the NSO Liaison;
  • All applications must be received by the NSO HTUP Liaison no earlier than July 15, and no later than September 1 of any given year;
  • The HTUP applicant must have their affiliate’s endorsement to qualify for an NSO Scholarship and said endorsement must accompany the HTUP application;
  • NSO will screen all HTUP applications per the criteria established, and provide Harvard with NSO’s recommendation on who may attend and receive the NSO Scholarship;
  • Pursuant to the criteria established, it is within the total discretion of the NSO Executive Committee to determine which applicant(s) should receive the NSO Scholarship(s);
  • All applicants will be notified of their application status by October 15.
  • Should an applicant not receive a NSO scholarship, the participant may apply again, during the application period outlined above.
  • Selection Criteria:
    • A member in good standing o Endorsement from the applicant’s NSO Affiliate
    • Availability of time o Participation level in the NSO Affiliate
    • Years of service in the labor movement
    • Demonstrates an understanding of the role of a union member in NSO and exhibits a high level of enthusiasm and passion evidenced in the application

NSO Contact Person

Kelley Clouser
Region 2 Director

Pennsylvania State EA - Staff Organization

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Year Recipient(s) Affiliate(s)
2020 Karen “Skip” Perry New Jersey / USA
2019 Sharon Alston
Jolene Barrow
Michigan ASO
California SO
2018 Kelley Clouser
Mike Prehoda
Pennsylvania SEA-SO
Illinois EA-SO
2017 Kristy Baker
Mark DeWeerdt
Jess Lima
Alaska ASO
California SO
California ASO
2016 Craig Carter Kentucky EASO
2015 Barbara Hartzell
Roberta James
2014 Michelle Washington California SO
2013 Shaunta Bailey
Charmaine Champagne
Helen O’Connell
Ohio ASU
Colorado EASO
California SO
2012 Mark Fredericks
Scarlett Reibold
Oregon EAASO
2009 Ruth Ivory Florida SO
2008 Dawn Basurto
Brad Darjean
California ASO
Louisiana SSO
2007 Joy Beckwith
Dean Chandler
Bill Dungey
2006 Patty Ray Basizhore
Tom Jowhar
Ohio ASU
Ohio PSU
2004 Connie Civerenos
Calvin Fairbanks
Sue Vento
Kentucky EASO
2003 Len Feldman
Jim Shepard
2002 Marty Kahn
Marsha Meekins
2001 Renita Bates
Tom Suhrbur
Florida SO
Illinois EASO
2000 Noma Bong
Bob Willoughby
Maryanne Zimmerman
Arizona EASO
New Jersey
1999 Pat Turner Ohio PSU
1997 Ramone Romero
Barb Suhrbur
1996 Deb Hilmoe-Jurgens
Bob Kulp
Han-il Lee
Maryland AFSE
1995 Malcolm Staples
Liz Tokar
1994 Steve Lenkin
Eva Schleigh
New Mexico-NSO
New Hampshire SO
1993 Diane Bellard
Bob Cherry
Betty Dalton
Pat Johnson
1991 Garfield Bright
Peter Toggerson