NCSO votes no confidence in NCAE Executive Director

The North Carolina Staff Organization (NCSO), the unionized staff of the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE), delivered a “vote of no confidence” in Executive Director Rachelle Johnson to NCAE President Rodney Ellis who is head of the organizations Board of Directors.

In talking to senior staff members, NCSO President Frederick Pruitt said he believes it is the first time the NCSO has ever had such a vote and 100 percent of those who voted expressed no confidence in Rachelle Johnson.

The unions concerns include:

  • Johnsons failure to ensure a safe working environment in the Headquarters building.
  • Working conditions have significantly deteriorated under Johnson’s failure.
  • Johnson has failed to provide the leadership needed to improve the Association.
  • Johnson doesn’t listen to staff concerns or perspectives.
  • No diversity in management staff hiring.
  • Managers receiving increases while staff not receiving an increase in seven years.
  • Johnson’s failure to process grievances in a timely manner.

Several staff members were overheard saying, “We had such high hopes when she came, but now she will not listen to us when we seek to collaborate on how to do things better. And that’s a real problem.”

The goal of NCSO is to create an environment where all staff are treated fairly and to help NCAE be the voice of educators in North Carolina that unites, organizes and empowers members to be advocates for education professionals, public education and children.

4 thoughts on “NCSO votes no confidence in NCAE Executive Director

  1. There seems to be a pattern in many states. Execs don’t work to improve their state staff in a positive/progressive and responsible manner while robbing the coffers. Our NSO colleagues deserve great leadership and not NEA Management rejects. I wish NCSO the best of luck and if you need old-timers to “show” in support let NSO-Retired know your needs.

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