No agreement yet on replacement for NEA Pension Plan MOU

It doesn’t look like there will be an agreement on a successor to the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the NEA Pension Plan before NSO’s self-imposed May 27 deadline. No additional bargaining dates have been set, but NSO, AFSE and NEASO are committed to reaching a better agreement that includes a long-term funding policy.

In a recent bargaining update, NSO President Chuck Agerstrand said, “We want to achieve a tentative agreement before our May 27 deadline, but we will not allow that deadline to produce an inadequate agreement.”

NSO, AFSE and NEASO are bargaining a new agreement that continues NEA’s committeemen to fully fund the NEA Pension Plan by 2022. That new agreement will assure the promise of a secure retirement well into the future. Discussions have also focused on what happens when the current MOU requires employers to increase their contributions to the Plan beginning in 2017.

Currently, the NEA Pension Plan is healthy and remains in force until a new agreement is reached. And there will be no new agreement that doesn’t include adequate protection and security for Plan participants and beneficiaries. That is an issue NSO and NEA members are in full agreement.

Agerstrand said, “Around the country, anti-pension advocates who are trying to to close pension funds to future educators would love to use a mishap wth the NEA plan as evidence in state legislatures that pension plans are ‘unsustainable.’ We can’t give them that ammunition, or we all lose.”

If a tentative agreement is reached before the NSO RA next month, NSO, AFSE and NEASO leadership will provide information on the tentative agreement to RA delegates.

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