No decisions reached on NEA Pension Plan MOU changes; next date April 26

NSO President Chuck Agerstrand, Region 2 Director Brad Darjean, AFSE and NEASO Presidents, union trustees on the Plan Board, along with NEA met on April 11 to discuss and review the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) regarding NEA’s Pension Plan.

President Agerstrand said, “For the most part, this first meeting was uneventful. We discussed our interests and options, but nothing decisive came from the meeting.  We’ve asked for more actuarial data on how the plan will be impacted if no changes are made.”

Agerstrand noted that NEA made it clear it wants significant changes to the MOU to avoid possible spikes in contributions as the parties get closer to the 2021 deadline when the Pension Plan has to be fully funded. And it’s looking to have those changes in place before the end of the month.

“We already had several more dates set for discussions, but Derrick Johnson, NEA’s  HR Director, abruptly canceled those future meeting dates. The next time we meet is April 26. We’ve let him know that canceling meeting dates is not going to result in any resolution by NEA’s deadline.”

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