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United to Lead, to Promote, to Secure, and to Defend

United to Lead, to Promote, to Secure, and to Defend

By: Tom Hayden, United Staff Association of New Jersey

The National Staff Organization (NSO) secured back pay for members of the Pennsylvania staff union after their employer refused to award full overload compensation.

The arbitration victory covered three members of the Pennsylvania State Education Association Staff Organization (PSEA-SO) who took on extra duties for the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) but were not appropriately paid.

NSO Vice-President of Defense Mike Boyer, who represented PSEA-SO in the arbitration, said, “Safeguarding the contract is crucial for every member’s welfare. This ruling not only rectifies a wrong, but also fortifies the contract’s value for all members.”

The case revolved around PSEA short-changing members who undertook additional responsibilities beyond their standard workload while a colleague was on leave.

 “Our members take pride in supporting their colleagues during extended absences. However, compensation for this additional commitment, as stipulated by our contract, is a matter of principle and fairness,” said PSEA-SO grievance chair Justin Battalini.

The argument on behalf of the PSEA-SO members was simple: they met all the necessary criteria outlined in the contract for full overload compensation. Despite this, PSEA unilaterally denied full payments. PSEA management claimed the members only partially fulfilled the duties of the individual on leave.

Arbitrator Ralph Colflesh rejected PSEA’s arguments, stating the contract “merely requires for overload payment the elements set forth above, each and every one of which was satisfied here.”

Kelley Clouser, PSEA-SO president and NSO Region 2 director, emphasized the broader significance of the ruling, “Justice has been served, ensuring that our contract is enforced.  This is what we stand for — solidarity, support, and success.”

NSO President Brad Darjean commended the team’s efforts. “This win showcases our world-class advocates while highlighting the value of NSO membership and our dedication to protecting our members’ rights,” he said.

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