NSO hosts another successful regional advocacy training

The Midwest Regional Advocacy training was held Sept. 24 in Minneapolis with 56 members in attendance. This was the second such successful training; the first was held last spring in the southeast.

Vice President for Defense Mike Boyer said, “We’re very pleased with the response to these two trainings. Participants were engaged and eager to learn. They had a chance to bring their questions and issues and left grateful for the information.”

Basic advocacy training on grievance writing, bargaining rules under the NLRA, how to avoid a Duty of Fair Representation (DFR) claim, and how to request assistance from NSO was provided by NSO President Brad Darjean, Region 5 Director John Avouris, Region 6 Director Mary Freel, and Boyer.

While such training is provided at NSO events, not all members are able to take advantage of the opportunities. Plus, more and more affiliates are experiencing issues with difficult bargaining, labor relations with management, and internal disputes. With regional trainings, more members can experience what NSO has to offer.

NSO is looking at hosting another regional training sometime this year in the western region.

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