Internal Dispute Resolution 

The resolution of internal problems within a union or among unions is important. By action of the Representative Assembly, NSO has established an Internal Dispute Resolution policy and program (Yellow Section) to deal with problems that occur between associate and professional staff members in the workplace, between staff members in an affiliate, or between affiliates in a state. Members can refer to the Internal Dispute Resolution section of this handbook. The process is not intended to circumvent the collective bargaining process or the grievance procedure, but to be used as an adjunct to already established procedures.

To Request Assistance

Affiliates requesting assistance should start by contacting their NSO Region Director (RD). The RD will forward the request to either Mike Boyer, VP for Defense, for all grievance, arbitration, ULP and/or legal requests or to Tom Greene, VP for Program, for all training, facilitation, conflict resolution, bargaining and/or crisis requests.

NSO’s practice and standards are to send the most qualified person to meet that specific request; to be sensitive to affiliate requests for a particular person when possible; and to be cost-effective by sending someone who is both highly qualified and geographically close.

If an affiliate has a specific person in mind, that should be part of the request. If NSO approves that person, NSO will cover their expenses. If the affiliate makes the contact without first requesting and receiving approval, the affiliate is responsible for the expenses.