President – Brad Darjean –

Vice President for Defense – Mike Boyer–

Vice President for Program – John Avouris –

Treasurer – Eric Watson-Urban –

Secretary – Dawn Basurto –

Webmaster – Miriam Garcia –

Who to call for:

Coordinated Bargaining Councils (CBC) – Develop, promote and coordinate a strong bargaining program for NSO affiliates in various regions across the country.

VP of Program
John Avouris

Corridor States Co-Chairs

Justin Zartman

Karen “Skip” Perry

Kelley Clouser

Central States Co-Chairs

Shannon Alston

Kurt Swanson

Southern States Co-Chairs

Tammy Whitaker

LaTasha Ball

Western State Co-Chairs

Rose Tapp

Edna Jenkins


Miriam Garcia
800/292-1934, ext 6274
Email: Miriam Garcia

Harvard Trade Union Program (HTUP) – Provide general administrative duties in the promotion and selection of NSO members who wish to participate in the HTUP program and coordinate same with Harvard Trade Union Program

Kelley Clouser

NEA Pension Board Trustee

Maggie Copeland

Graham Picklesimer (Alternate Trustee)

Organizing Committee – The Committee is charged with providing assistance and guidance to NSO affiliates regarding organizing initiatives; to develop, refine, coordinate and promote our “Organizing 4 Power” training.

Edna Jenkins

Pension & Benefits Committee – The Committee is responsible for providing guidance to NSO affiliates on pensions and related matters.

John Avouris

Research Committee – The Committee is responsible for collecting, storing and distributing contract research data to NSO affiliates.

Justin Zartman

Investment Committee – The Investment Committeeis charged with reviewing NSO’s investment strategy, including asset, liability, and risk management guidelines, policies, limits and procedures as well as reviewing and proposing changes to the organization’s investment policy. Executive Committee member contact:  Eric Watson-Urban

Special Services – The Committee is charged with developing programs, benefits, and discounts that NSO can offer exclusively to NSO affiliates, including NSO Retired.

LaTasha Ball

NSO Retired – The Committee promotes and administers the NSO Retired program.

NSO President Brad Darjean –