Parties moving close to an MOU on NEA Pension Plan

April 26 negotiations over the NEA Pension Plan Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) resulted in an agreement on the contribution rate for 2017 and to draft a successor MOU. The current MOU remains in effect until a successor agreement is approved.

NSO President Chuck Agerstrand said, “I’m cautiously optimistic. NEA has relaxed some of their positions on what should be in the new MOU. NSO and our union partners are committed to making a solid attempt to reach an agreement that preserves the central requirement that NEA fully fund the pension plan.”

The two sides are recommending that the NEA Board adopt a contribution rate for 2017 reflecting the rate adopted by the Board for the 2016 calendar year; any changes due to the experience study conducted by Buck; and the changes due to Plan experience.

Hopefully, a successor MOU will be drafted by May 27 to be approved or rejected by each constituent group by July 18. The group will meet again May 11-12.

“There ae still challenges ahead of us in meeting that May 12 deadline for a new MOU,” Agerstrand noted. If we can have an agreement by then, NSO will be meeting with or NEA Pension Plan states at the NSO RA in June.”

NSO is represented in negotiations by President Agerstrand, Region Director 2 Brad Darjean, and NEASO and AFSE presidents. Tim Fitzgerald is serving as a facilitator for the discussions.

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  1. How does the health of the fund and the new MOU impact staff who have years in the pension plan yet currently work in an affiliate that does not participate in the NEA plan?

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