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United to Lead, to Promote, to Secure, and to Defend

United to Lead, to Promote, to Secure, and to Defend

Welcome to the Representative Assembly of the NSO


The Representative Assembly (RA) is the legislative heart of the National Staff Organization. Meeting annually, typically in the first half of June, the RA is a dynamic forum where delegates from across the United States convene. Reflecting our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, the location of the RA alternates between the eastern and western United States.

Delegation and Representation

  • Local Affiliate Representation: In adherence to the NSO Constitution, our delegates are democratically elected by local affiliates.
    • Affiliates with 10 or fewer members are entitled to one organizational delegate.
    • Affiliates with more than 10 members are entitled to two organizational delegates.
  • Additional Representation:
    • For every additional 25 members over the initial 25 (26-50, 51-75, 76-100, etc.), affiliates gain one additional delegate.
    • Wall-to-Wall/Multiple Bargaining Unit Adjustment: Affiliates receive additional delegates equivalent to the number they would have if each employee group were an independent bargaining unit.

Delegate Credentials and Responsibilities

  • Notification and Registration: The NSO Secretary notifies each affiliate of their delegate entitlement based on membership numbers and dues paid annually. Affiliates must register their delegates and alternates online.
  • Seating and Voting Privileges: Delegates are seated with voting rights only if their dues and Crisis Fund payments are up-to-date.

RA Functions

  • Elections and Amendments: The RA is responsible for electing NSO officers, amending the Constitution and Bylaws.
  • Policy and Direction: It adopts policies and sets the strategic direction for the NSO.
  • Executive Committee: Operating under the RA’s guidance, this committee aligns its functions with the Constitution.

Member Associations

  • Membership List Maintenance: Every local staff association is required to maintain and annually update a list of members on the NSO membership system.

Learn More

  • For detailed information on the structure, roles, and responsibilities within the RA, please refer to the NSO Constitution.

Program Officer

Dawn Basurto

California Staff Organization

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2024 Representative Assembly

The 2024 NSO Representative Assembly will convene from June 6-8, 2024 at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco.  More information is found below and will continue to be populated over the […]

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