With some progress in WEASO bargaining, shared staffing ban lifted

Negotiations continue between staff and the Washington Education Association, but President Mike McNett reports there is some progress toward a settlement. As a result, NSO members can again volunteer for shared staffing assignments in the state.

“We have confirmed that WEA is willing is to move forward toward a settlement. This does not mean that negotiations have ended, as there are still a few outstanding issues to resolve and language must be worked out. It does mean that many of the major sticking points have now been addressed and that a settlement is a possibility,” Mike said.

Because of difficult bargaining, WEASO had established a “work to contract” policy and asked NSO members to refrain from volunteering for shared staffing assignment in the state. In a gesture of good will and cooperation, both requests have been put on hold. WEASO members will still be showing their solidarity and support with stickers, buttons and signs and are ready to take other steps if needed.

McNett told his members, “The bargaining team still needs support to move WEA management and leadership toward an acceptable settlement. We all need an agreement that preserves and protects the interests of WEASO union members and assures that quality union staffing will continue to support the work of the WEA union.”

The two sides meet again on Thursday.

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